DESIRE: Digital Education for Social Innovation Reframed Entrepreneurship

    The European project "DESIRE: Digital Education for Social Innovation Reframed Entrepreneurship" focuses on social entrepreneurship for pupils.
    This project aims to develop social entrepreneurship sense in students from social entrepreneurship studies. The idea of the project is to create a training for teachers, to give them the opportunity to give lessons to their students on how to become social entrepreneurs in the future!
Strategic Innovation

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Competence Guide
A guide about social entrepreneurship. It will be based on a previous research about social entrepreneurs eco-systems in the participating countries with the scope of developing a complete pedagogical framework and curriculum structure model for teachers that will be able to use it for their training.
E-Learning Platform
This platform is to facilitate the realization of social entrepreneurship training, the aim of the project is also designing and delivering an e-learning content which is based on the previous output. The e-learning platform is for students and teachers.
Training Course
The training is composed of learning contents about social entrepreneurship and will be realized in two phases. Teachers will be trained in using platform and training materials and pupils will be trained by teachers in order to obtain feedback about training materials created.